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What to Expect at Your First Treatment

Fill out the Health History, Informed Consent & Privacy Policy online and before coming to allow more time for your treatment. These forms can be filled out online once you Schedule an Initial Visit.

For more information on What to Expect At Your First Treatment Click Here.


1445 Upper Hil Rd. Middlesex, NY

(Folk Art Guild)

1 weekend each month

  • No stairs




1400 N Winton Rd. Rochester, NY

(Assisi Institute)

Contact to make an appointment on a Friday

  • No stairs

  • Handicap Accessible


About OC page:

One location is in Rochester at Ancient Universal Medicine (AUM), and the other location is at the Folk Art Guild, a well known high quality community of the arts, to provide services to the Naples and the surrounding area. 

Open Channels is not only a clinic dedicated to excellent person care, it’s also a farm initiative where East Asian Medicinals are grown, tended, and processed in order to be used in the clinic for treatments. This connection to the earth is a central component of what Open Channels provides.

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