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Visits, Fees & Packages

New Patient Visit.  90 minutes / $120.

We will begin with a thorough intake, discuss your treatment goals and develop a treatment plan to address your specific condition. This visit includes a full acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine consultation.

Whole Visit.  60+ minutes / $80
Acupuncture and/or other indicated treatment methodsVisits include an herbal consultation, but not the cost of the herbs.

Packages (Check or cash accepted, credit/debit cards not accepted)

  • 6 Whole Visits for $450. (6% discount, $75/treatment; Savings of $30)


Extended Whole Visit.  90 minutes / $100
For return patients who are interested in spending more time in discussion and experience of lifestyle, meditation and/or wellness techniques. Also, for patients who would like to address a new project/problem. During this comprehensive visit all systems will be re-evaluated.



Herbal Consultations. 30 minutes / $55 + price of herbs

Herbal consultations may be in person or by telehealth. An initial visit is required before scheduling an herbal consultation. An herbal formula will be tailored to your signs and symptoms.


Phone Consultation. up to 20 minutes /$0

Healing is a two-way street. As important as it is for me to hear and understand your condition to determine if Open Channels' services can be helpful to you, it's equally as important that you feel comfortable, connected and onboard with me and the treatment. Schedule a free phone consultation to determine if we're a good fit. Email to set up your consultation.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit card for treatments

*credit/debit card not accepted for packages.


Keep in Mind.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please email as soon as possible and let the office know.

Cancellation policy
All cancellations require a 24 hour notification. Any late cancellation will be charged half the scheduled treatment fee.
No Show Policy
We all forget things once in a while. Unfortunately forgetting an appointment means the held space couldn't be offered to someone else. No show appointments will be charged the full treatment price.

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