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About Open Channels

Open Channels is an Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine clinic providing effective relief from physical pain and mental suffering.  Treatments are for individuals of all ages and ailments. Open Channels is dedicated to holistic person centered care, where each acupuncture treatment and herbal formula is specifically designed for the individual to match their internal terrain and allow them to function optimally.

During treatments, the person’s main complaints will be addressed while also providing space for them to reconnect with their personal Truths, experience their wholeness, and realign themselves with what’s most important in their lives in order to address the root of their suffering. 

The challenge of our time...

There’s no lack of suffering in our world today. For many, the modern sedentary lifestyle has diminished the proper circulation of breath, blood, nutrients, lymph and attention throughout our body. This has weakened our vitality and connection to purpose, as well as given rise to a myriad of illnesses from autoimmune chronic systemic diseases to emotional and digestive problems. Consequently, we have become familiar with this diminished way of functioning. May We Remember Health and what it feels like!  The purpose of Open Channels is to re-open what has become restricted in the physical body and mental processes so our innate healing mechanism can function optimally by freely circulating nutrients and adequately protect us from environmental pathogens.



Open channels is dedicated to alleviate physical, mental & spiritual suffering for all living beings.


Open channels is dedicated to the health of each patient, the planet and future generations. By helping each person's internal healing mechanism come online with acupuncture, herbs and other treatment methods, each patient will naturally feel clearer in their body and mind. When there's clarity in body and mind it's more likely one will live their life in a way that benefits neighbors, friends, partners, communities, the planet and future generations.

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