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Classes & Events

Elements: a journey into personal medicine

When: April 4-7

Where: Folk Art Guild, 1445 Upper Hill Rd. Middlesex, NY

What is the medicine you are here to give?

In this 3 day immersion, we go beyond the mind—into the realm of body and soul—to access your essential nature and the medicine that is uniquely yours to offer this world.


Rhythm and movement are the foundation of Elements.


With intention, awareness, expression and integration, each day we will spend multiple hours on the dance floor in free-form movement practices that include our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We will explore archetypes and creative processes that guide us along a transformative ritual arch, leading us towards an integrated state of embodied leadership.

We will…

  • Explore our connection to the elements of nature as well as how to work with these energies as medicine for our personal and collective wholeness

  • Expand our emotional range, giving expression to our diverse emotional states and befriending ourselves as deeply feeling beings

  • Reclaim parts of ourselves that have been lost, rejected, or cast away and integrate these parts in healthy, regenerative ways that serve life

  • Discover the power of myth and metaphor to bring us into the greater story of our lives

  • Open the channels of our creative life force and occupy our aliveness as an act of leadership and revolution


Join Darren Silver in this moving immersion to gain access to the essential wisdom of your body and allow it to guide you home to your original nature, and the full expression of your genius.

For more information email and see Event Page.




Past events:

Winter Wellness Day 2024

January 28th 10am-5pm, at The Folk Art Guild (1445 Upper Hill Rd, Middlesex, NY)

Facilitated by Autumn Turley, Mitra Park & Ben Barnet


A Course In Movement Transformation

A 7-week series exploring expressive movement to see & transform thoughts and feelings through dance, meditation and chanting practices.

Areas of focus will include Embody Your Medicine ecstatic dance through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind & Spirit (from the teachings of Darren Silver), sitting meditation, exploring perspectives of attitudes/feelings/thoughts, chanting and group discussion. Each week participants will have the opportunity to deepen their connection to each element and explore bringing that awareness into their movement practice.

Please sign up online, or email to attend.

10 participant capacity. Attend any or all classes, full attendance of the course is not necessary.


When: Wednesdays 7 - 8:30pm (starting September 27th)

Where: Open Channels office (288 Monroe Ave, above Natural Oasis)

Suggested Dana of $10-20/class

Outline of the course

1) September 27: Earth

2) October 4: Water

3) October 11: Fire

4) October 18: Wind

5) October 25: Spirit

6) November 1: Movement Flow with Mobile Monastery

7) November 8: Attitude with Mobile Monastery


Open Channels and Mobile Monastery Chataqua Tour Fall 2023 collaboration:

All events offered by donation to give people the opportunity to explore giving as a spiritual practice.

Meet the Mobile Monastery here.

Rochester Events:

October 31st (Tuesday)

     11am - 4pm: Massage & Tea

November 1st (Wednesday)

     5 - 7pm: Interpersonal circling practices

     7 - 8:30pm: Movement Flow

November 8th (Wednesday)

     5 - 7pm: Massage & Tea

     7 - 8:30pm: Dharma Talk: A Buddhist perspective on attitudes and how to live with greater happiness


Drop in. Come for one day or all days! Stay for an hour or 3 hours! No registration necessary.

Folk Art Guild (Middlesex) Events:

A weekend of Movement, Sacred Relating & Sauna.

Come for 1 day or both days! Stay for an hour or 9 hours!

Saturday, November 4th 10am - 7pm Wellness Day 

10am Opening Ceremony

10:30 Embodiment and Movement Meditation

12pm Lunch and Q&A

1:30 Sacred Relating: Authentic Communication

3pm Female bodied Sauna and Men's Group

4:30 Male bodied Sauna and Women's Intimacy Circle

6pm Dinner and Closing Circle

Sunday, November 5th 10am - 7pm Wellness Day

10am Opening Ceremony

10:30 Embodiment and Ecstatic Dance

12pm Lunch and Q&A

1:30 Sacred Relating: Interpersonal Circling Practices

3pm Female bodied Sauna and Men's Group

4:30 Male bodied Sauna and Women's Intimacy Circle

6pm Dinner and Closing Circle

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